Need Some Construction Cleaning? Call Us Now!

One of the hardest areas to clean are construction sites. You cannot always expect your construction contractors to clean after leftover debris and construction residues. If you have any ongoing construction project and you need the help of professionals to clean up from time to time until the project is completed, do not hesitate to call Cardoso's Cleaning Connections. We offer the best construction and post-construction services in the area.

For over 16 years, we have been offering the best construction and janitorial cleaning service to our clients. We are a cleaning company that upholds excellence in the work that we do. Our integrity and professionalism make us stand out from the rest of our competitors. It is our vow to not only meet all of your requirements but to also exceed your expectations. Should you need help in cleaning your construction sites, just let us know.

We can offer you our construction clean-up services so the site is tidy the next day and until the construction is completed. We will remove all construction debris including paint overspray, dust, as well as adhesives. We will also take note of the materials that should not be taken away from the place as such might still be needed by your construction contractor.

Moreover, if the construction is done, we will take care of the cabinetry, your bathrooms, baseboards, and floors. We will thoroughly clean them to make sure that they are ready for use. Once the dust settles, we will remove smudges on the surfaces for a completely clean finish.

We use the best cleaning tools and equipment available on the market to ensure the best results. We also comply with safety regulations when conducting construction clean-ups so there is no need to worry. We can give you an estimate on your first phone call so just let us know.

Do you need a construction cleaner in West Hartford, CT? Call Cardoso's Cleaning Connections at (860) 407-3143 now! We also offer the best janitorial cleaning service in the area.